Sunday, June 4, 2017

{england: salisbury}

I know it's been awhile, but I thought a good reason to come back was to blog about a recent trip to England. This was actually the first duo trip that my twin sister and I have gone on together, and it couldn't have been more perfect. It was a little over a month ago, and yet I still think about it almost every day.

I'll split this up into a few posts, since I took so many images. First up: Salisbury. After flying into London, we headed to pick up our rental car and made the drive out into the country. (I should note here that driving on the other side of the road and car is not as scary as it seems!)

We were exhausted from the flight and kept ourselves busy to stay awake, so we headed into town to visit Salisbury Cathedral, walk around the main square, and get a late lunch. We also picked up some groceries (we ate breakfast at our Airbnbs every day) and were pleasantly surprised at the amount of gluten-free options!

Funny story: when we were about a mile from our cottage, we got stuck in some pretty bad traffic. We didn't know what could possibly be causing the back-up on a Friday afternoon in the country...until we looked out the window and saw Stonehenge! So wild.

We both fell asleep around 9pm and slept until 8am the next day. This was actually so clutch—we both immediately switched to England time and didn't deal with jetlag at all during the entire trip.

Okay, here are photos from the first day:

Click below for more photos!

Celiac-friendly lunch spot: The Cosy Club

If you'd like a link to our Airbnb, just comment or email me!

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