Saturday, June 10, 2017

{england: rapeseed and blenheim palace}

Since we knew the rapeseed fields would be fewer and farther between the closer to London we got, we pulled over to take some final pictures. But this time we were a little less exhausted from travel and had a little more make-up on ;) I love the ones of Dylan. I feel like they could be a Hunter boots print ad.

{ps. I don't know why this site is making all of my photos look grainy...because they really aren't! Promise.}

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Woodstock & Blenheim Palace

While we did a fair amount of research on the towns we wanted to see prior to our trip, I eventually just clicked on random names on our route, looked through some photos, and used that to make the decision of whether or not I should drop a pin on Google maps. Woodstock was one of those places and it turned out to be a great choice. Immediately upon entering the town, we were so taken by it's charm. After spending some time walking around the shops and neighborhood, we hopped back in the car to follow the one-way street out of town and ended up at a dead-end (the first picture below)... or so we thought! It ended up being the main entrance to Blenheim Palace. We paid the fare to see only the grounds, turned the corner, and both gasped. My photos of the castle aren't great, but the views were beyond gorgeous.


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