Monday, September 5, 2016

{july and august}


For the July 4th weekend, Dylan flew up to SF and we went to Big Sur! I've wanted to drive down the coast since the day I moved here, so it was a nice little getaway. The weather wasn't ideal—most of the time it was overcast and freezing—but we eventually were given a nice bout of sunshine.

I had a newborn session towards the end of the month - my second ever! Babies are always more nerve-wracking to photograph, but this little girl was a very good model. She and her mother were gorgeous!


This was the month where I became obsessed with the Olympics. I also had a birthday! The big 2 5. My friends and family totally overdid it on the celebrations. I had a cake in SF, cupcakes and a lovely dinner on top of Oklahoma City, a BBQ in Irvine, and then partied with Dylan in LA. We went to Wizarding World of Harry Potter and it made all my Hogwarts dreams come true. I sadly do not have any photos, but don't worry—I did buy a wand.

I also photographed my friend's baby's FIRST birthday at the most perfect Hawaiian party. I felt like I had stepped into a Pinterest board. So fun!

That about wraps up the summer. I'm traveling a bunch for work the next few weeks but it'll be topped off by a trip home!

P.S. I'm about to celebrate my THREE year anniversary living in SF. Crazy. It totally flew by.

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