Thursday, August 25, 2016

{may and june}

Splitting summer updates and photos into two different posts.


goop opened a San Francisco pop-up back in May, so I snuck in a little early and took some photos of the space. It was so beautifully designed and I wanted to purchase the entire store. I didn't end up buying anything, but I did pay the Streicher Sisters something close to $75 to braid my hair. (I KNOW.)

I also visited NYC for a shoot and ate allllll four of those gluten-free pastries for breakfast. My GF people - check out Erin McKenna's if you're ever in Manhattan.


I baked this pie!!

My sister and I went to the Sound of Music Sing-A-Long at the Hollywood Bowl and it was one of our favorite nights this year. So magical. We can't wait to go again.

She also moved into a new apartment that is so cute and stylish and totally opposite from my living sitch in SF. However jealous I am, though, I'm still so happy she's in California!

Lastly, I finally finished putting together my photography website and updated it with photos from recent sessions. Check it out!

July/August is up next.

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