Sunday, January 31, 2016

{nov & dec & jan recap}

lots to catch up on. via my camera & phone.


Thanksgiving was perfect. Our table, as always, looked so pretty. The only photo I have of the food is of the pies because #priorities. {spoiler alert: that raspberry pie makes a return appearance.}

We also made the hike back to our family tree to add the year & a tribute to Cooper. I love the fact that my mom & stepdad carved our initials in the bark all those years ago. Such a simple, but meaningful gesture.

I ended the month by going on my first "real" run since physical therapy. Dylan lovingly captured the moment for her snapchat followers. I'm still catching my breath.


I baked that gf raspberry pie again for my team's secret santa party & it was deemed a "hit." I don't want to brag, but I cut those hearts by hand with a steak knife. #nextmartha

My agency's holiday party was FUNNN. Not only do I love where I work, but I also love the PEOPLE I work with. So lucky, I tell ya.

This is where things get hazy. In memory, it seems like I spent half of December in the middle-of-nowhere Montana trying to get to my final destination {in actuality it was...15 hours{?} of travel hell}, but all worked out in the end. Because I ended up here:

My uncle's mountain house in Big Sky, MT, aptly named Happy Trails. {PS. because I'm not above family promotion, find out how you can rent it by clicking here.}

It was h e a v e n l y. And snowy. And so, so starry.

Those last two photos were taken by a drone! {I'm actually one those tiny people up there.} And some of those photos were taken by my uncle, full disclosure.


I began the year taking many many favorite thing. Dylan modeled her new scarf—brought all the way back from Paris{!} by our mom. I'm so happy to have these photos so I can use them to recreate the beautiful way she wrapped it. Because I usually stick with the wrap-it-around-once method.

And Dylan even took some of me! A rarity. I'm wearing my amazing new goop sweater.

I also took some photos of one of my oldest, most beloved, favorite friends. Dylan & I met Kiera in first grade & have been BFFs ever since. {Check out her blog Kieroyal to see more photos & fashion looks.}

What else...

I got published! I know! I can't believe I'm outing myself on the internet, but I was published in—you guessed it—O Magazine. LOL. In all seriousness, I still think about the article all the time. I can't find it online, but if you see a Nov/Dec issue of O Mag lying around, pick it up & read "Comfort & Joy." It's amazing.

Finally...I finished the month by forcing a hit on my savings account by buying:

1) Some really cool sneakers. {I'm just now getting into high tops? lol}
2) Coldplay tickets. Coldplay tickets. Coldplay tickets. My plan is to attend two of them. No shame in my obsessed Coldplay game. {Also, moment of silence for the fact that I'll be out of the city next Sunday when Coldplay is here in SF playing the halftime show. DREAM.}

I'm gone the next three weekends {shoot in LA, vacation, shoot in LA}...then DYLAN comes to SF. Expect lots of pics.

I miss this space. I'll try to be back more this year.