Wednesday, August 12, 2015


^^a recent sunset

Making: nothing! kind of hate that.
Cooking: this easy, delicious pasta recipe. & these meatballs! {ps. you can skip the grapeseed oil & just use olive & skip the pecorino & just use parm.}
Drinking: water. {my trick is to buy a case of water at costco & keep it right next to my bed. eye sore? definitely. but it keeps me drinking it!}
Reading: the storied life of a.j. fikry by gabrielle zevin. I just finished what alice forgot by lianne moriarty & liked that too!
Wanting: a pain-free, strong, healed right ankle. 
Looking: ...forward to going home soon!!

Playing: a little piano every night. this song, this song, & this song.
Wasting: water. especially living in CA, I need to get better at turning off the faucet when I brush my teeth!
Wishing: see "wanting" :)
Enjoying: this warm SF weather!
Waiting: see "wishing" & "wanting"
Liking: that SF summer is about to start.
Loving:  this lipstick duo. it's $12 & can be found in those cubbies in the sephora check-out line. I wear the pink side almost every day.
Hoping: to take some quick weekend getaways this fall. any recommendations? seattle & yosemite are on my list.
Marveling: at this meteor show that's happening tonight. my friend & I are going to try to catch it!
Smelling: like my favorite pH balancing cream. the price = liquid gold, but it's worth it.
Wearing: a silk dress from j.crew outlet {ps. it's in the clearance section in most sizes! now i'm tempted to get it in red!}
Following: Wrangler, the Today Show's puppy. omg he's so cute. 
Listening: to "the theory of everything" original score. it's the best music to work to. the strings & piano are beautiful!
Noticing: how getting out of the city for a few hours over the weekend greatly affects my mood going into the week.
Knowing: how coming home to a clean room/made bed makes me feel so much less stressed at the end of the day.
Thinking: about getting a dog. all day errday. even though it's not happening anytime soon.
Bookmarking: lots of bedroom ideas.  I'm so ready to make my room look better.
Laughing: at my dubsmash videos. i've made so many with my roommate & they are hilariously stupid. 
Wondering: why it's been so hard for me to blog regularly!
Needing: to post the next few working girls interviews.
Feeling: happy!

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