Thursday, July 23, 2015

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Raise your hand if that photo above makes your mouth water. I MEAN. Look at those layers! For days afterward I couldn't stop thinking about it, so I picked up a frozen gf apple pie the next time I was in Whole Foods to get my fill. Long story short, it was nothing like that pie above.

Will someone be my SoulCycle sponsor? Because I'd love to go three times a week but can only afford to go, like, three times a year. {Total first-timer & I just went to two classes in five days. I'm obsesssssed.}

I was in heaven all of last week & weekend because the temps were so high. At one point it was 87 degrees at 10:30 am! But as I'm writing this I am bundled in my classic kempf company sweatshirt/sweatpant combo {both varying shades of gray & two sizes too big}, under a blanket, annoyed at the complete 180. It's super windy, drizzly, & mid-50s.

I know it's the east coaster in me, but when am I going to stop obsessing about San Francisco weather?!

Like I said in this post, I am going home in a few weeks & one thing I'm looking forward to is getting my hair cut & colored. It's been over 18 months since I've had my highlights touched up & it's well overdo. {ps. The fact that I've gone this long also proves how amazing my hair colorist is.}

Anyone else watching season two of True Detective? I thought I was following along but then I read this helpful guide & realized I'd missed like 8 key plot points.

Speaking of True Detective, I pretty much died laughing while watching this interview with Vince Vaughn.

Sometimes I feel like this blog {...when I post, ha} & my instagram photos make it seem like I have my life totally together & that I'm living a super grown-up life. I'll leave you with a story: Besides the Bachelor/ette franchise, my roommate Britni & I both have a mutual adoration for Harry Potter. The movies, the books, the whole nine yards. Nothing too weird or overboard, but enough. Anyway....when Britni woke up a few weeks ago & proclaimed that she wanted to buy the set of all eight DVDs so we didn't have to rent them anymore {once every few months}, I was game. So off we went to Target {no dice} & to Best Buy, only to find the Blu-ray set. But, darn...we don't have a Blu-ray player.

Cut to: Britni & I walking out of Best Buy with the Blu-ray set & a BLU-RAY PLAYER.


Happy Thursday!

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