Monday, July 6, 2015

{the fourth}

I hope everyone had a nice long weekend! I got so much done—I went to the movies, cleaned my whole apartment, unpacked from my trip, & threw an Independence Day shindig with my roommates! We've been wanting to throw a party in our backyard for a while, but we've never done it until now. Hopefully we won't wait too long until the next one.

We're very lucky to have a huge patio {for a city apartment}, so we invited plenty of people to fill it. I mean food, friends, & fireworks...what's better?!

^^btw...the GIRLS handled the grill the whole day & rocked it

^^confession: this was my FIRST TIME playing Flip Cup—I still haven't even played beer pong!—&
even though I was the only one who played with water {what else is new}...I was pretty good! ;)

^^this was after I spent the first 10 seconds flipping the cup the wrong way :/



Come back again this week for some posts about my trip to France & for the next edition of Working Girls!

p.s.: previous July 4th posts: 2013 {LBI <3} & 2012.

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