Tuesday, July 14, 2015

{my new room: before}

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I moved into a bigger room in my apartment, & after living in it for six weeks, I'm so happy to have made the swap. The space! There's so much of it! When I was face-timing with my Manhattan-residing sister, she enviously said: "Your room is a $%#-ing palace." :) I'm well aware of how much of a gem my apartment is, but thanks Dyl.

I think this room was the original living room since it's at the top of the stairs, faces the street, & has pocket doors into another room. {My old room, actually, but we had our landlord drywall that side of the doors to soundproof the separate spaces.} That's why it's sooooo spacious. The original architectural features—original fireplace, tile, built-ins, light fixture—make the room feel so unique.

Everything from my old room fits in here except for my desk & yellow mirror, so I moved those out into our hallway. I also had to get rid of my beloved curtains, since I only had one panel {the curtains I'm using temporarily were left by my former roommate; their length is eating at me though.} It's also been an adjustment getting used to a closet-less space, since I really dislike everything out in the open {you'll agree when you see the photos}, but hopefully it'll just inspire me to downsize my wardrobe?

Don't let the pics fool you...I moved all of my clutter into the hallway for this photoshoot! I'll chat about my design plans for the room in another post, but for now here is a peek into my new room...


^^this view is so sad & boring :/

What do you think of the garment rack? Should I hide it with a curtain? Or just buy clothes that are all the same color? Lol.

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