Friday, October 24, 2014

{happy friday}

I am...

Making: business cards for my dad.
Cooking: lots of TBD meals tomorrow! 
Drinking: water.
Reading: The Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz. because i love torturing my gluten free, not-going-Paris-anytime-soon self.
Wanting: go to Paris. 
Looking: on google for pumpkin farms in the bay area. i'm so desperate for an east coast autumn tradition that i'm seriously considering being that weird 23 year old with no kids walking around a pumpkin farm. we've gotten to that point.
Playing: piano! at least 1 hour a day. more on that later.
Wasting: opposite game! last time it was "money on ubers." well folks, i'm going on day 11 of not taking ANY ubers!! so if you feel like sending.... i don't know...congratulatory uber gift cards or something of that sort, i wouldn't hate it.
Wishing: i had a kitchen-aid mixer. 
Enjoying: my job.
Waiting: for coldplay to go on tour. it's GOT to happen soon, right?! {even if it won't, lie to me.}
Liking: my new sunday tradition.
Loving: brussels sprouts. {ps. just now realized there's supposed to be an "s" at the end of "brussels".} 
Hoping: that a bunch of red/orange/yellow-leaved trees just pop up in San Francisco. 
Marveling: at this teaser trailer. it totally enthralled me. {i have a fascination/obsession with movie trailers.}
Smelling: like my new shampoo. costco forced me to switch to pantene & i'm not used to it yet. 
Wearing: fitbit.
Following: ifitwags on IG. they are the cutest & cooper needs to meet them pronto.
Noticing: tourists. they're everywhere. 
Knowing: a lot more than last year on this day. i had to write a one year self-review for work & reflecting over everything i've learned was a very enlightening exercise.
Thinking: about a flight home on dec. 23 that i may book & it's chances of being delayed by philly snow. the idea of missing anything on christmas eve... ahh.
Bookmarking: slow-cooker recipes. 
Laughing: at The Comeback's comeback.
Wondering: about a project that will require me to purge some clothes. i'm sooooo tempted to do it.
Needing: to de-clutter my room. see above.
Feeling: happy!

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