Monday, October 27, 2014

{bits + pieces}

...from the weekend.

+ A friend introduced me to this song. Enjoy.

+ Birdman. Go see it. 

+ I chopped about 50 onions on Saturday morning & it was like Niagara Falls up in here. I was with a few others & two minutes in, I decided I couldn't even be embarrassed by it. My eyes were watering so much I was lightheaded. The upside is that it was all for a good cause & I'm stellar at chopping onions now.

+ I spent that afternoon/night down by the Marina & the GG Bridge. It was raining in other parts of the city, but at that spot it was all kinds of gorgeous. The fresh air was so needed.  

+ Within a month of moving to a new city, I always join the public library. {And by new city, I mean Boston & LA.} A year in, I finally joined one here! There's a small branch a few minutes from my house, & it is exactly what I need. I love libraries.

+ Fall temps are here!  The cashmere sweaters & tights have come out!

+ Gluten-free friends, this cookbook is so great. I got it on Saturday & have already successfully made two recipes.

+ I Swiffer WetJet-ed my entire staircase yesterday {it's like 30 stairs} & it made me sooooo happy.

+ I filmed this video two years ago today & I'm still very proud of it. Such a good cause. Check it out! {And check your frozen aisles for Blake's products.}

Happy Monday & go Giants!!

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