Monday, September 29, 2014

{stream of consciousness}

^^Friday's sunset

- my sister reminded me yesterday about one of our favorite things about fall. about a year ago this week I wrote a love letter post dedicated solely to apples & apple cider. {remember when i had the time to do that?} well, go to starbucks & order steamed apple juice. it tastes just like hot apple cider & is totally worth the embarrassment of the "steamed apple...juice for olivia?" call out in front of all the financial district businessmen.

- i'm headed to Utah this week for a little getaway. it's not as relaxing as it sounds {more on that later} but i'm excited to spend some quality time with my mom & sisters. i'm trying to pack lightly & efficiently, since i have a bad history of over-packing, so when I stumbled upon this packing system, it was love at first sight. i didn't buy it, but it's been on my mind CONSTANTLY since i walked out of the store empty-handed. anyone have it? anyone want to pressure me to buy it? i'll give in easily...

- i almost never write posts without capitalizing words, so this post is sort of stressing me out :)

- i'm thinking about getting this haircut.

- yesterday's homily at church was all about saying "yes". let's make it a YES week, folks!

happy monday!

ps. i almost never ask for comments, BUT... if you have a moment, could you please answer one of these: what does the word epiphany mean to you? OR when you think of the word epiphany, what comes to mind?  thanks.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

{throwback thursday: LBD outtakes}

Happy Thursday!

Over the past few weekends, I've been cleaning up my photo library & browsing through photos from this summer. So may of them are from hikes & random blog posts–nothing crazy exciting. But then I stumbled upon these photos of Dylan!

My favorite photos to take are portraits, hands down. I don't get that opportunity often, but I did take many of Dylan at the beach that I haven't shared yet. They're outtakes from the long black dress post, but they're too nice to be labeled as outtakes!

What I love about these photos is they are pretty much straight from the camera. I lightened some of them, but that's about it. Her hair was still wet & the only makeup she has on is some eyeliner, mascara, & lip color. So naturally beautiful!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

{the new lively liv}

Notice anything different?

Lively Liv got a makeover! I'm so glad I bit the bullet & hired someone, because honestly it was way over-do. I wanted something more simple, clean, & with larger pictures...& I'm so happy with the way it turned out. Things may continue to change, but this is a pretty good start.

I'm also officially:

So why did I make those two investments? Well... today happens to be the one year "anniversary" of when I accepted my job out here in San Francisco. I'll write more on that milestone soon, but in the meantime, I've been thinking long & hard about the future of this blog. When I first started my full-time job, I didn't know what my schedule was going to look like or where blogging would fit into that. I didn't know if this would fizzle out, or if I'd want to keep posting & sharing in this space.

Long story short–I'm not going anywhere. Even if I don't post as often as I want to, I love my blog, & blogging, & the online community it's introduced me to. So because I'm here to stay, I wanted to make Lively Liv more official & pretty.

Thanks for sticking with me as I figure this thing out :)

**ps. I worked with pipdig for this re-design. They were a dream to work with & I can't recommend them enough!

Friday, September 12, 2014

{happy friday}

Happy Friday!

Some links I enjoyed this week...

This Michael Sheen interview---I'm such a fan of his---which was only made funnier by his girlfriend Sarah Silverman. {ps. how was this the first time I've listened to the Nerdist?}

I listened to this song & this song yesterday, which seemed appropriate given the 9/11 anniversary. The violins alone in "You're Missing" make me cry. The story behind the album is so poignant. And gosh, I just love Bruce Springsteen. Listening to him reminds me of my stepdad, who I miss a lot out here in SF.

Last weekend I saw the The Hundred Foot Journey & absolutely loved it. See it! It made me want to brush up on my French. And learn to cook. And live in France.

This Harry Potter "article" on Buzzfeed. I don't know why, but it made me laugh SO HARD.

Shameless promotion of the family biz. Only because I totally believe in the product. Get one!

Have a great weekend.

**I took this photo one year ago today when I was interviewing. Crazy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

{scenes from SoCal}

from my phone:

^^legendary Laugh Joan
{btw...her documentary on Netflix is very good}

^^let's just say he was very attractive

^^afternoon break

^^these people make work fun

^^two can play at this rooftop game, Dyl :)

^^at my Grandad's house helping them get ready for another Stump convention

^^all packed & ready to go! 

Now I'm back in thirsty San Francisco. 
The sun & heat were so nice these past few days down south, 
but I am soooooooo ready for a rainy day. 
{a.k.a. an excuse to curl up & do nothing.}