Monday, August 18, 2014

{the selfie stick}

I am now an owner of a selfie stick.

What is that, you ask?


{sorry dyl}

My uncle brought one to the beach a few weeks ago & everyone got such a kick out of it, they decided to gift me one for my birthday. 

It was a weekend highlight...

Are these not the greatest? Christmas Card 2014?

This particular selfie stick -- by Looq -- is cool because it doesn't require an app. There's a cord that plugs into the earphone jack & a button on the end that makes it extra snap-happy. {See my brother modeling the button above}.

I mean, it's so easy, a dog could do it:

Here's the one I have! Get one. Let's be self-ish* together.

*self-ish, not stupid. yikes!

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