Friday, August 22, 2014

{last day of 22}

on my last day of my 22nd year I'm...

Making: little illustrations for a blog post.
Cooking: next apron! i'm excited to try it.
Drinking: sparkling pink lemonade.
Reading: three things—the sept glamour mag, harry potter 6, and the matchmaker.
Wanting: to be with my sister tomorrow.
Looking: at photos from my week back east. 
Playing: air piano. i really need to get an actual keyboard out here.
Wasting: money on ubers. i need to get better.
Wishing: for more balance.
Enjoying: work.
Waiting: for warm nights.
Liking: that it's friday!
Wondering: when i'll see my younger siblings next.
Loving: masters of sex. that show is something else.
Hoping: i pick up my camera more.
Marveling: at how quickly the als ice bucket challenge spread.
Needing: to purge clothes.
Smelling: like my mom, since i brought back some of her clothes.
Wearing: my mom's shirt.
Following: what's happening in ferguson.
Noticing: my posture. celiac has ruined it. {sounds odd, but it's true.}
Knowing: good things are ahead.
Thinking: about where i want to sneak away to...napa? carmel?
Feeling: grateful.
Bookmarking: peach tart recipes.
Opening: mail from family!
Giggling: at this video. julia can literally do no wrong.
Feeling: almost 23!

^^a fave from last week

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