Friday, August 29, 2014

{a few things}

Happy Friday! 
Here are five things on my mind....

Remember that earthquake last weekend in SF?
I was already awake for some reason, 
so I was really aware of what was happening. 
It definitely freaked me out {it seemed never-ending!}, 
& I was so happy my stepdad was awake on the east coast so I could talk to someone. 
If you're wondering...the gallery wall remained intact.
{but I'm pretty glad my head is no longer right under it}

FYI...that gluten-free cake from my birthday? 
From Whole Foods!
Nothing makes me happier than the fact that I can now walk into a grocery
store & buy a birthday cake without special ordering something
three weeks in advance. 
It was delish too!

^^& you all know my feeling about sprinkles... :)

I meant to blog more this week, except I followed through on this nagging feeling
that something was wrong with my computer– 
{it's slow, the fan's always on, the battery is terrible, etc} 
–so I backed it up & brought it to the Apple Store. 
They did a hard drive check, & as the guy said, "It'll either pass or fa–" 
a big red box came up with the word FAILURE on it. 
Not something I wanted to replace right now, but
considering I have thousands of photos on this thing, I had to do it.
ps. so glad I backed it up! always do that just in case!

Team lunch with the Fab Five outside yesterday.
After today we'll be the Fab Four, & I'm not ready for it. 
ps. those shoes I'm wearing below? new faves. 

^^if that was misleading...I'm not leaving

Have a great long weekend! 
I'm going on a hike, eating at one of my favorite restaurants, 
& having a sleepover. 

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