Thursday, July 3, 2014


Ahh, the qualms of growing older.

I got glasses.

I was in denial for over two years. My near-perfect eyesight was something I bragged about. That sign a mile away? I could totally read it. My iPhone? I kept it at the normal, respectable distance from my eyes.

But then road signs started becoming blurrier & I moved my phone a dreaded few inches closer to my eyes. So I made an appointment at the eye doctor & what do you know! I needed glasses. Two pairs, to be exact. One for driving & one for when I use the computer. After trying on many different styles, I chose two frames...but bought exactly one. {aka sticker. shock.} I don't really drive a lot in the city, so the computer glasses are good enough for now. 

I settled on a brand that is all the rage these days: Oliver Peoples - "Ashton". I don't remember what I paid for them, but I'm sure the frames are cheaper elsewhere. {They're not on the OP website.} I did the amateur thing of buying them at the eye doctor, which you shouldn't really do since they bump up the price tag. {My mom compared it to the high cost of movie theater popcorn &'s how the doctor makes a chunk of the money.} But in the end, I have pretty good insurance, they're cute, comfortable, & help me see. All worth it. 

So allow me to introduce you to Ashton...

^^you know they're good when they're hand-crafted in Italy

I've had them for about a month now & the difference is crazy. I can see again! The prescription still feels pretty strong, so I try to only wear them towards the end of the day, but I'm very happy I bit the bullet & got them. I also totally recommend this brand, so if you're in need of glasses...try Oliver Peoples!

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