Saturday, June 7, 2014

{lively interiors: poufs from one king's lane}

When One King's Lane asked me to participate in their Pouf-a-Palooza, I immediately thought YES. And then when they asked me to pick my favorite pouf of the six below, choose seven other pieces from their collection, & design a mood board around it? Double yes. Any chance to dream up & style room & I'm
t h e r e.

I was so torn between which pouf to choose! Should I go bold with #1 & design a really cool office? Or---since I'm in summer mode---design a cozy, beachy living room with #6? I actually started & stopped three different rooms with three different poufs before my final idea came to me. I just couldn't make up my mind.

And then it came to me: design a room for my little sister.

Let me tell you about Sophie for a hot minute. The girl is the best. THE BEST. After years of hoping & wishing & praying for a little sister, I got the ultimate one. She's spunky, girly, hilarious, talented, & awesome all bundled up in a package. This entire week she's been on my mind, not only because I miss her like crazy, but because she's turning the big 1-0 tomorrow. I've been feeling rather nostalgic about her upcoming birthday because oh my gosh she is growing up way too fast. I mean, she was born yesterday.

Sophie is knee-deep in those pre-teen {or is is tween?} years that we all like to forget, so her style is rather, um, interesting. One day she'll do the shorts over the leggings thing & the next she'll wear a cute skirt & sweater. There's a lot of neon & stacked rubber bracelets & crazy nail polish. But ya gotta love the girl through it all. Her room is the same story. Bright pink + zebra print + cookie-cutter white bedroom furniture.

So. I decided to design for Sophie. With this pouf:

When she's 13 or 14, past the tweeny years, this is the room I imagine for her. She's an incredibly talented dancer, so I thought this would be the most perfect, elegant space for a beautiful ballerina to grow in to.

Can't you see Sophie curling up with her mini iPad book on that chair & sticking her feet up on that lovely pouf? So comfy. {& that dresser slays me; it's a work of art.}

Check out all of the poufs One King's Lane has in their collection. Every style, pattern, color, & size you want, they have. Poufs are one of my favorite pieces to have in a home because they're so adaptable. Depending on the style, they can be seats, or ottomans or even side tables. I dare you not to find a pouf for your home from their selection.

Go find yours!

ps. budget? what budget? ha. since this was a make-believe challenge, I went balls to the walls & designed a pretty expensive room. it was way more fun that way.

**This post was sponsored by One King's Lane, an affiliate of Lively Liv. I wasn't paid to write this. All opinions & ideas are my own. 

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