Wednesday, June 25, 2014

{chicago, part II}

Saturday was filled with work & shopping. No photos.

Sunday was filled with food, food, & more food.

Greta & I woke up early, met up with her sister, & raced downtown. At my request we stopped at Dunkin Donuts, because I miss that place like crazy. {SF needs to get on board.} I ordered my usual drink & then we made our way to Do-Rite Donuts. I restrained myself from ordering a dozen & just got a measly two. Chocolate glazed & cinnamon sugar.

I wish I could fully explain how amazing they were? Maybe this picture will help.

Or this one.

I was pretty darn happy. So happy that you can't even tell how annoyed I was over the fact that Dunkin Donuts got my coffee order totally wrong.

So worth the trip though.

After dessert breakfast we headed back to Greta's apartment & worked out, mainly because I'd been eating so indulgently all weekend. But it was sort of pointless, because then we met up with another friend for pizza at Stella Barra.  I couldn't go to Chicago & not eat pizza. Even if it wasn't deep dish.

The back patio was gorge. Best kept secret in Chicago.

^^margherita & the special: arugula pesto with shaved artichoke good!

^^greta & I

Right before I headed to the airport we made one last stop: Lickity Split. They make the best concretes & chocolates in the city.

I pretty much rolled myself on the plane, but all was okay. It was the best weekend. I feel like I packed a lot in & am so glad I stayed the extra day. Hopefully I'll be back soon with Dylan!

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