Monday, May 5, 2014

{say hello to thinx}

Today I'm happy to announce a new affiliate of Lively Liv...Thinx

I am SO in love with Thinx. They are a stellar company that has great products, passionate employees, & a wonderful, important mission. 

The mission of Thinx is clear: Change your underwear. Change the world.

Listen to this fact:

Over 67 million girls in Africa and around the world are without BASIC sanitary needs. In it's absence, they are forced to use things like leaves, dirty rags, and plastic bags. 

Can you imagine using a leaf instead of a pad? I can't. Thinx can't. So here's what they promise:

Not only are you helping girls in need {the most important part of this transaction}, but you're getting a pretty great product too. Thinx aren't just any pair of underwear. Each are made with unique technology that makes it moisture-wicking and stain and leak resistant, by using absorbent, layered, & anti-microbial fabric. Basically, if you're coming up on "that time of the month" don't need to wear panty-liners with Thinx. {Because we've all had those oh shit moments that lead to throwing away your fave underwear, am I right?

Too TMI?

Sorry boys.}

I was so excited when Thinx sent me two pairs to try out: the Luxe & the Cheeky.

{those photos are obviously from the website, because no one needs to see me in underwear, 
& because my dad & coworkers read this blog}

I love both pairs. They're each amazingly comfortable &...I'll say it...pretty! The lace detailing makes them really easy on the eyes & prevents underwear lines---two important things when it comes to underwear. I also love that each are black, because I wear a lot of black in my day to day life.

Out of the two, the Cheeky is my favorite, since it's a little more low-rise than the Luxe, but both will be on my reg rotation. Thanks Thinx!

To top it off, Thinx is giving all you Lively Liv readers $5 off your order if you use the code livelyliv at checkout. Pretty sweet! That gives you no reason NOT to join the movement of Thinx & help girls who deserve everything you & I have. We are so fortunate. I can't live with the fact that the lack of sanitary products is stopping girls from attending school or contributing to their community. Let's help stop that.

Thank you Thinx!

**As an affiliate of Thinx, I get 10% of the proceeds from your order if you use the Lively Liv code, however everything I earn will go right back to Thinx. 

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