Tuesday, May 13, 2014

{my favorite lipsticks}

I don't chat about makeup here on the blog a lot, mainly because I stick to the same thing everyday: mascara, spot concealer, eyeliner & blush. Nothing fancy. But recently I've started to wear a little bit of color on my lips just to crank up my look a little more. Lipstick not only dresses up an outfit, but it also instantly makes you feel much more put together, don't you think?

The problem with most lipsticks is that they wear off easily. I love wearing red, but I stress all day if it's rubbed off & left a rouge outline around my lips. On top of that, lipstick is usually very dry & leaves my chapped lips feeling anything but hydrated. Enter Revlon's COLORBURST Balm Stain. 

Oh yes, balm.

^^I've used the far left one so often, I've rubbed off the lettering!

001 Honey
I've had this one the longest. It's ideal for work because it's not too bold, 
& subtlety brings in a little color. 
It's just the perfect shade of shimmery pink.

220 Showy
This is the only matte color I have, but I'm obsessed with it.
It's almost neon, which is crazier than what I normally go for, but sometimes
you need to go a little crazy.
I can't wait to wear an all black outfit & this color on my lips. So chic, no?

045 Romantic
The best part about this red is it stays on! 
Since it acts more like a balm, it's easily spreadable & never leaves a red outline. 
This is a great color for a day to night look, too. Trés romantique.

A few more perks? There are SO many shades; I really need to stock up on more. I love that they act like a giant crayon, which makes it easy to apply & last forever. Once you're running low, all you need to do is twist the bottom & voilà! more lipstick to spare.

They're sold at most pharmacies & makeup stores. I get mine at Walgreens, but I've also see them at Target too. Now go get some & pucker up!

Few disclaimers: One, Revlon didn't pay me to write this. It was all me. Although I'd be happy to, Revlon! Hint hint. I mean, can't you just see me alongside Emma Stone & Halle Berry? I can. But rookie alert: I DO still leave the price tags on...

And two, the lighting in these images makes my skin look like porcelain (except in that GIF above). I wish my skin looked this flawless, yet it sadly does not. Just wanted to point that out. Makeup helps though! ;)