Wednesday, March 12, 2014

{vintage lamp makeover}

Since my room only has one window & a tiny light fixture, I needed more light! Specifically one by my bed. I almost ran to Target & bought one for $40, but I decided to mosey over to Goodwill to see if they had anything. 

They did!

$10 of beaded, dated, ugly goodness. Get rid of the shade & this thing is a gem.

{BTW…I totally carried this lamp on the bus ride home. Sans bag {because SF is anti-plastic/paper bag & I never remember to carry an eco-friendly one} & I got LOTS of fun stares.} 

^^just a few cracks, but nothing a little paint can't fix

The next day I braved the rain & stopped by a flea market I'd heard great things about. 30 steps in I found this pink, vintage beauty. It's over 20 years old, allows an abundance of light {obviously} & is oh so gorgeous. The pink? I die.

I came home, rolled up my sleeves, & spray painted the heck out of the stand. Good as new. But when I pulled the painting tape off of the base, I accidentally ripped off the felt bottom. I was mad at myself for 5 seconds, but then I saw this:

A happy mistake. I just so happened to have some sturdy black felt, so I traced the base & stuck it right back on.


For $20 total, I'm so happy with this little makeover. It not only allows ample light, but it looks amazing too.

obsessed with those curves^^

Fits right in!

^^notice anything else? :)

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  1. Gallery wall?? If you have some lightweight scarves in different colours, it makes lovely mood lighting. Especially after a long week when you just want to read listen to music and have a nice candle going.