Monday, March 24, 2014

{the weekend}

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My dad was here on Friday! We had the most random, fun night.

I first showed him my apartment, which I was happy to show off, 
then we went to my favorite Sunday spot for some coffee.
We sat outside & just caught up. It was so nice.
{& if you know my dad, you know seeing my dad in the Haight is even better. 
I blend in a little more than him, but we both stuck out. }

Then we went to one of my favorites: Ruth's Chris.
& even though I felt guilty for not taking him to a classic SF spot,
I was more excited to eat a good filet. 
{...on a Friday. Such a good Catholic, I am.}

^^it was dark in there, sorry for all the grain

Then we went next door & checked out some piano keyboards.
As my dad sat there & strummed a guitar, I confessed that I really missed singing. A lot.
Last Monday, on St. Patrick's Day, Dylan & I were talking on the phone & said,
"Four years ago, on St. Patrick's Day, we sang in front of an audience 
of 1,000 people & 3 million on TV. Did that really happen?"
Sometimes our performances feels like it happened in a different life.
So my dad said, "Then let's go do karaoke."
So we did!

^^neither of those people are me or my dad

Only my dad could get me to do that.
I was terrible, but it felt amazing to have a mic in my hand.

After that we went to get some ice cream & watched a few of the basketball games.
We also tried this iPad app called Loopy.
Jimmy Fallon makes it look really easy
My dad & I
But it made us laugh trying.

I wish he was stayed the whole weekend, but he was off to his next business trip. 
Hopefully he'll be back soon...& for longer!
On Saturday I went to see Divergent. 
I thought the book-to-movie representation 
was pretty good, but let's be honest...
Theo James is not tough to look at for 2.5 hours.
Afterwards I hopped next door & tried a cute burger place for dinner: Split Bread. 
I was disappointed in my burger {mainly because of the crumbly GF bread},
but the fries, Arnold Palmer, & atmosphere made up for it.

^^the place was empty because I ate dinner at 4pm on a Saturday

I was sooooo lazy the rest of the weekend. 
I did manage to do all my laundry & take photos of my gallery wall though, 
so that should be up tomorrow or Wednesday.
Work is going to be super busy the next few days, but some of my family is in town!
My schedule will be packed, but it'll be a good week.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend too! :)
This post was written in the early morning & with no coffee or breakfast, 
so thanks for hanging in there until the end.
Riveting stuff, I know.
Happy Monday!


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