Thursday, March 20, 2014

{the little things}

^^my morning view
Yesterday was

It began to feel like a Monday & it wasn't even 8 am on Wednesday. Catch my drift?

My day started off at 6:15am, where I drowsily woke up to turn off my alarm {which is my phone, on the ground} & promptly SMACKED! my head on the corner of my desk. Not a fun way to wake up. I gave myself permission to press snooze & try to doze off the pain, but let's be real. There's no easy way to come back from something like that that early.

Then I checked my phone & thought...Wow, not one email came in overnight. A miracle!  But then dozens came through within seconds, with their receiving times as early as 8pm the night before. {And I'm not talking spam or daily store specials, I'm talking a lot of important ones from work.} Not good.

Already in a mood, I pulled on my ripped boyfriend jeans, a pretty shirt, threw my hair up in a bun, & as I looked in the mirror, I hoped the day would turn around.

It did.

I remembered I had sweet, amazing blackberries in the fridge, so I had them for breakfast.

I walked outside, threw on my sunglasses--it's beautiful here--walked up to the bus stop as the express bus rolled up, & scored a seat.

My dad called & told me he was flying into San Francisco & is here until the weekend! I got my dates mixed up, & thought he was coming in next week.

The rest of the day was okay, but I still came home feeling stressed & needing something to do. So I did what I've never done before never do. I laced up my sneaks, grabbed my iPod, & took off.

For the first time, running helped! I ran the longest distance I've run in years without stopping, & found a good path around my neighborhood that is safe & challenging. I didn't stop when I was feeling tired, but instead pushed through until the end. {The end being my apartment at the top of a verrrrrry long hill, of course, but I did it.} I came home feeling awesome. 

Last week---Sunday to Sunday---was a great week. I felt like I was on my game at work, came home feeling productive & confident, really embracing the weather & new friends. This week is so far from that I am risking whiplash. I'm not crossing things off ever-growing to-do list, I feel like I keep making stupid, silly mistakes in all areas of my life, & I'm just tired.

But little things like blackberries, running, & fun coworkers make these kind of weeks way more bearable.

This morning was much better. I still have a giant welt on the side of my head & my list is still long, but I've got a fun two weeks ahead, so I'm going at it with a giant smile on my face.

^^my cool-down view from my deck

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