Friday, March 28, 2014

{happy friday}

How was your week? Mine seemed long, but having family in town has been the best. Here are my favorites from this week on the world wide web...

Favorite links:

#8 would have been really helpful for my gallery wall. I did a technique called "eye-balling it".

Beautiful places.

Such a simple, pretty room. Love the wallpaper.

Favorite blog posts: 

I can't wait to see the final pics of Young House Love's ShowHouse. It already looks beautiful.

All white ensembles are my favorite.

What a fun spring project.

Favorite videos:

Louis C.K. is hosting SNL this weekend! {Remember this gem from last time?}

This movie looks really funny. {It's Red Band, so it's NSFW}.

From a while ago, but the Stump Stand in Las Vegas.

PS: I'll be working at MacWorld this weekend! If you live in San Francisco, come stop by! I'll be the girl in that green Stump costume from the video.  Not lying.

No favorite photo this week, but I wanted to end the post by sending the gals in my family some fast running vibes! They'll be running the LOVE Run in Philly on Sunday & I SO wish I could be there cheering them on at the finish line! But the Stump costume is calling my name ;) I'll run it next year with them. NGR! xoxo.

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