Thursday, February 27, 2014

{vacation recap, part II}

I've resorted to writing blog posts on the bus now. Isn't that sad?

Anyway, this is the last post about my vacation. I know you're just as sad as I am.

We stayed at the Atlantis resort again. When I first went years ago, we stayed at the main tower with the bridge. {my brothers refer to it as the "Oprah suite", because this place is obviously her go-to vacation spot. a giant hotel with thousands of kids.} It was great, but there were sooo maaany peeeople. This time we stayed at The Cove, which is a little quieter, more secluded, & has an adult pool. The former being the most important part. 

And even though I'm riffing about the amount of people at Atlantis... honestly, the hotel is great. The service was pretty good, the rooms were amazing, & the view were beautiful. It's also worth mentioning that besides our shark adventure, we stayed at the resort the entire time & not once did I feel stir crazy. 

My sibs were obsessed with the slides & lazy river {pretty fun}, so they were at the main hotel pool most of the days. Dyl & I stayed on our side, flip flipping between the adult pool & the beach. It was perfect. The Cove is definitely the place to be if you travel to Atlantis. {
It's apparently a regular celeb spot. too. A bunch of NBA players were there last week, none of which I know the names of---although my brother shared an elevator with Shaq---& a rumor spread like wildfire that Kimye had arrived. I didn't believe it for a second, & I was right in doing so.}

This trip also signified the first time I've ever participated in any casino activity since turning 21; I did some slot machines & played a few hands of blackjack.  I kind of dominated the slots--even though I didn't walk away with much, ha--but wasn't so successful with blackjack. I wish I had photos of my first gambling experience to share with you all, but when I took out my phone to snap a pic, I almost got us all kicked out. About three men walked up to me at once, hands on their guns hips, & told me to put away my phone. I'm OBVIOUSLY a rookie at this thing because I totally forgot about that rule. Yikes.

And to do my celiac due diligence--the hotel was okay about gluten free options. You just need to plan ahead. If you want a bagel or pasta, you have to call about 45 minutes before your reservation to get it brought to your table. But, as always, we packed some bread & snacks just in case they didn't have anything, & I'm so glad we did that. 

Rest of the photos...


^^view from our room

^^some Jersey Shore-esque shenanigans were going on around those center beds every day

Now back to regularly scheduled programming :)

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