Friday, February 21, 2014

{vacation recap, part I}

One week away from this blog & I missed it!

I'm back in SF writing from the comfort of my newly-painted room. The past few days have been just what I needed. I returned to California tan, relaxed, happy, & full of many memories.

{Although I did wake up this morning peeling--on my face! ugh!--missing my family, & already moving at lightening speed at work.}

It's like I never left! But I did--& I have many photos to prove it.

I almost didn't bring my camera. I didn't check a bag--just packed in a carry-on--so my space was very limited. But right before I left I decided I definitely needed to bring it. So I ran to Urban Outfitters, got this backpack, stuffed all my camera essentials in it, & thanked myself for five days that I did.

We had many photoshoots on the beach. I really wish my other two brothers had come down to the beach on the last night too, because the light was gorgeous & I really wanted a photo of all of us ;) Next time!

^^one of my fave pictures of her ever

^^love this girl.

I'll share more about where we stayed & what we did in the next post. 

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