Friday, February 7, 2014

{st. valentine cupcakes}

I was in the mood to bake…so I did!

I was fully inspired by Oh Happy Day for these cupcakes, but I decided to add my own twist.

Once you bake the {red velvet} cupcakes & frost them, all that's left are the arrows!
{to create the hearts, I did nothing fancy---I just cut the tip of an icing-filled ziploc bag}

To make the arrows, this is all you need:

^^two pieces of paper per arrow

^^voila! as you can see, not every heart or arrow needs to be perfect :)

& to answer the obvious question…they were delicious. 

Now make them!

**My cupcakes were made from Williams Sonoma's GF mix. The mixes are sadly not made anymore. UPDATE: HOLD THE PHONE. THE MIXES ARE ON SALE. BRB GOING TO BUY OUT WILLIAMS SONOMA. Cream cheese frosting is the only flavor worth a red velvet cupcake, & when I don't make my own, I am partial to Duncan Hines. 

PS. If you double the butter amount by mistake…like I did…they taste just as good. Maybe better.

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