Monday, February 3, 2014

{snippets from the weekend}

A friend showed me the best walking trail in San Francisco. 
I need to use an app next time to determine the exact distance, 
but Google Maps put it at 8.5 miles.
Long, but so worth it for the views! 
I'll share more pics later this week.

The color I'm going with for my walls is
Benjamin Moore's "Gull Wing Gray".
Or "Rockport Gray."
I can't decide. Rockport is definitely more greige.
{beige + gray}

{rockport gray, left, looks way less tan in person--the swatch is misleading}

It finally rained this weekend! 
We needed it SO BAD. Palm trees are actually dying.
After my 8.5 mile walk on Saturday, my body {& mind} were very tired.
It was so calming waking up to pitter patter of rain --
a sound I had greatly missed.
I wore my boating shoes to commemorate the weather.

I need a new bathing suit like the Super Bowl needed a new halftime act.
{Okay, Bruno Mars gets points for not lip syncing, but come on! Why him? 
I was very happy to see that Target already has suits out. 
Definitely headed back there this week to get this one:

Some posts I need to write soon:
- february goals
- the best gluten free sugar cookies
- room pictures
- curtain update
- what my gallery wall will consists of
- some personal, thoughtful posts
{don't be scared}

{or be}
ps. this photo was proof for my mom & sister that I actually worked out. ha!

So stick around! February's always a good month :)

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