Saturday, February 22, 2014

{our bahamas shark adventure}

See anything interesting in this photo?

Just a bunch of sharks, right? Well, let's look a little closer...

Little closer....

There we go. 

Yes. That would be me, my dad, sister, & brother. 
Surrounded by 40 SHARKS.

^^so happy & oblivious to what's about to happen.
And we're all leaning over because we pretty much couldn't stand up in those bodysuits.
OMG the tightness.

^^saying our prayers or clutching our oxygen tubes? your guess.

It was wild.

^^contrary to how it looks, I'm still alive

^^before we jumped in, we asked him, "Ever been bitten before?"
His response? "Well, does a boxer go into the ring not expecting to be punched?..."
Okay, then!

^^just putting the shark to sleep...

^^...before taking it over to me!
And even though my body language says get the heck away from me, 
I actually leaned closer & felt the darn thing!

I actually wasn't as scared as I looked. {Let's be real---the goggles don't do me any favors.} The scuba diving part had me more freaked out than the sharks. Just the idea of being under water for that long was hard to wrap my mind around. 

BUT...our instructors & diving guides were AMAZING & I never ever felt unsafe. We were in totally good hands. If you're ever in the Bahamas & up for an adventure, call Stuart Cove. My family & I went out with him on his private boat a few years ago & had the best time. For this trip, we knew we had to bring it to the next level, & his crew did not disappoint. They've worked on a ton of movies {like the Pirates of the Caribbean films!} & know their stuff. They even brought a diver down to take photos & video. So glad I have proof I did this because, really, would you have believed me otherwise?

It was a trip highlight for sure. But I like it up here.

^^my brother was the only one who had the mental capacity to pose for a cool photo


  1. Oh. My. Goodness. Looks so scary but also a lot of fun. What a fun memory to have when you're older.