Tuesday, February 4, 2014

{february goals}

I did this privately in December & rocked it. So I decided to share this month's goals with you. I'm hoping that by putting these out there on the world wide web, I'll be more accountable. Ha!

1. Be a smarter spender.
This is a big one. The necessities are obvious: rent, groceries, commute. Beyond that, I'm always eager to drop $$$ on anything crafty, but I need to resist the temptation. I don't NEED much else, I just want it :) So besides a bathing suit or two, I'm going to try to not buy any clothing or shoes. Or books. {damn you Amazon one-click purchase!}

2. Finish decorating my room.
The carpet is rolled out. The curtains are hung. Paint is officially on the walls. {Well...only in one corner.} But it will soon cover all four, & once that's done, I can hang frames. And choose my bedding. And make my headboard. It all starts with paint. But I also need to remember goal #1, so if all of this doesn't happen in February, I'll be okay with sliding into March.

3. Take more pictures.
I say this every week, but I really need to start taking more pictures. I miss the days when this blog wasn't filled with iPhone photos.

4. Send valentines.
Most years I make them, but I may resort to Snoopy this year. {ahem, #1} But I'm definitely sending them.

5. Cook something in my CrockPot.
It's brand spankin' new & begging to be used. Soup? Chili? Pulled pork? I can't decide!

6. Be a better friend.
Just because I'm across the country from most of my good friends doesn't give me an excuse to forget about them. Not that I have, but I just need to pick up the phone more often & catch up with a few of mes amis.

& send one of them a birthday gift. OMG I need to do that, like, right now.

7. Go to the gym.
Had to stick this one in here. I'm okay with the way my body looks, but I think this will really help in the stress relief department. Fo sho.

It's a short month, so seven will do. I'll be sure to write a follow-up post in March on how this all went down. Place your bets.

Anyone else have any goals for this month? Share!


  1. My goal for the month is to relax! A week in Bali should do just nicely ;)

    1. Yes it will! I hope you MORE than achieve that goal :)