Wednesday, February 26, 2014

{a few things}

Is this not the most wonderfully awkward picture ever? 

^^Liv circa 1994

The bangs. The plaid. The Peter Pan collar. The face contortion smile.

My new twitter pic, obviously.


Coldplay's new song "Midnight" has been on repeat for 24 hours.

UGH. That band.

I joked with Dylan yesterday that we should forgo our next tropical vacation & instead just follow Coldplay around the world. 

...I'm like 1% kidding.


Virgin America keeps sending me emails about amazing flight deals. I have a friend in Las Vegas, a friend in Seattle, a few friends in LA. Where first?? {Britney is calling my name hard.}


My mind has just been going crazy about my gallery wall. I am ordering a painting today--& also in the process of designing a more few prints--& I can't WAIT until it all gets hung. I know I say that every week, but it's true.

Also, while we're on this…I had a correct guess about my painting! My friend, who is a doctor, said, "All I see is a liver, but I know that's wrong." Well…it's not! She was right: it's a liver. My mom calls me "Liver" sometimes, so the painting is an ode to my nickname. Sounds odd, I know, but I love it. At least it's pretty to look at?

ps. Only my mom can call me that.


Thanks to Good Morning America, "Let It Go" is now stuck in my head {& considering I only know the first two lines of the chorus--"let it go"--it's extra annoying}, so I'm off to listen to Midnight & get the day started.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. LAS VEGAS FIRST! And go see Frozen right now. You'll love it.

    1. That may be my first trip!

      I have seen Frozen! Loved it. I just don't know all the words :)