Monday, January 27, 2014

{weekend recap}

This weekend was so great!

The weather is doing wonders for my mood. Not that I'm NOT happy these days, but the warm temps & constant sunshine are putting even more pep in my step.

{I'd like to add that this weather we're having is, apparently, highly unusual. We're actually in a drought. It's supposed to be rainy & foggy…yet it's only rained two days since I arrived in October. I'm convinced I brought the sunshine. Ha!}

^^the sandals came out again

On Saturday I started the day with my roommates--who are awesome, by the way--interviewing some girls to take one of our soon-to-be-empty rooms.  So interesting to be on the other side of the table for that whole process. 

Then I headed to community music center to play the piano. This was mine for one hour:

I was in heaven.

Even walking around---hearing the strings play & horns warm up & voices singing scales---I felt more like myself than I have in a while. Music used to be SUCH a huge part of my life, but through college & beyond, it's taken a back seat. Not to sound overly sappy or weird, but having my fingers play for an hour & being able to sing without worrying if my roommates could hear me did wonders for my soul.

^^song by Coldplay, usually played much slower

So this will be a regular spot for me on the weekends…until I get my keyboard out here. 

The rest of the day was so low key. I sat in the sun & read for a while, then checked out some stores, &  walked to get some ice cream. It was too warm not to.

^^my neighborhood

I can confirm that I have two ice cream shops within walking distance to my house that have gluten-free cones. Dreamy.

On Sunday I hung up my curtains & FINALLY selected a wall color. More on that soon.

I ended the weekend just as I had started it---interviewing potential roommates with my current ones. I think we made a good choice. 

Hope everyone's weekend was as good as mine! What'd ya do?

Happy Monday.

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