Tuesday, January 21, 2014

{ideas for my bedroom}

So here's the post where I talk about my bedroom!  Finally, right? :)

My room is 12x12 with ten foot ceilings…my largest room in years!  The details are great: the hardwood is original & in excellent condition, the trim is thick & gorgeous, & the closet is huge.

Let's talk about the trim--it's classic San Francisco. Not only does it outline the doors, windows, & floors, but it outlines the room about a foot below the ceiling. {Speaking of the ceiling…it's curved!} Quite honestly, I'm a fan of white trim, so I was bummed about the dark wood. And with one window in my room, it has the possibility of making the space feel dark. {When I first moved in, I also thought the trim made the room feel dated, but I've since changed my mind.}

BUT…I've come to embrace it. There are so many other ways to brighten this room! And like I said before, it's part of the charm of San Francisco architecture, so it'd be cruel to paint it.

Here's a mood board of my ideas:

1. Color scheme
The walls are going gray! I know what you're thinking: gray + dark trim is not a usual combo. But I think it's going to work. There was no other color that I considered--I'm obsessed with gray walls. It goes with everything, light bounces off it easily, & it's a hard color to get sick of. I'll be bringing in different hues of blue, coral & yellow as pops of color too.

2. Carpet
This beauty is from West Elm. I looked for a carpet for WEEKS & when I saw this, it was love. The most important thing it needed to accomplish was hide dirt {I'm a vacuum fiend}, & this guy does the job. It doesn't look it in the photo, but it's actually wool, so it has great texture in person. Chevron is super overdone--especially on carpets--but I think this is different enough where it doesn't feel like old news. The best part about it though is the color. Depending on the time of day, the light can either make it look gray or beige. Remember when I talked about the weird gray + brown color combo I'm doing? Well this carpet helps solve that problem by blending the two.

3. Dresser
I bought this IKEA dresser back when I first moved here in October. I knew I would be incorporating gray into whatever room I moved into, so the color was a safe bet. It's also easy on the wallet & sturdy enough to hold a lot of my clothes, so…win/win. I have two ideas for sprucing it up, but that's way down on my list for right now.

4. Drapes
I splurged on these, but I've been eyeing them for quite a while, so I'm feeling no buyer's remorse whatsoever. Ha! {It also helped to have a gift card & student discount. Yeah, I'm using that sucker for as long as I can.} I was thisclose to getting the yellow ones, since I'm trying to brighten the room any way I can, but I eventually went with the navy. Even though I went dark, the linen between the velvet pattern allows tons of light to come through. My window faces an alley of sorts--it just opens up to the space between my building & the one beside it. Good news? There aren't any other windows in the "atrium",  so I don't need to worry about privacy at all. The curtains are purely decorative, so they'll always be pulled to the side.

I have two weeks to change my mind about the curtains, but I'm thinking they're going to stay.

5. Frame wall
I've been wanting to do a photo wall for so long & I'm thrilled I can finally do one! I have so many things to hang I'm worried I don't have enough space :) I'm going to do a post soon on everything I have in my pile, but when it comes down to it, everything I hang will have meaning. {For the record, the frames in the mood board are not mine.}

5. Desk
I love a good desk & I love a good side table, but with limited space I couldn't do both. The choice was an easy one: a desk could do both jobs. The space between my window & my bed is about 3.5 feet, so I thought it would be the perfect spot to fit one in.

You know what are expensive? Desks. I checked about four different thrift stores with no luck, so I moved on to Craigslist. I ended up buying a GORGEOUS wood desk for a steal.  I had fully intended on painting it yellow--I even went to the store & bought all the supplies {$$$}--but it's just too nice to paint. The wood is in pristine condition & it matches the trim perfectly, so...it's staying.

6. Coat rack
This was a Christmas gift from my mom & what a great surprise it was! Last year at a flea market we both fell in love with a yellow coat rack, but someone snatched it up before we could ourselves. I totally forgot about it, so when I opened this, I was so excited! It's the perfect pop of color!

So those are the items currently in my room! Here's what I'm still undecided on:

1. Bedding. I'm leaning towards a duvet, instead of a quilt, but I cannot find anything that I like! Any ideas??

2. Headboard. I really want a headboard! Not for practically's sake--because the wall does just fine--but mainly because I think a room visually looks better with one. Problem is, my mattress is on a box spring, not a bed frame, so I don't know how I would connect it to a headboard. I'll either need to nail something into the wall--which I'm not crazy about--or come up with a faux headboard. Ideas are welcome!

Obviously there are a few other things that I'll be incorporating into the room--namely my piano/keyboard when I actually research the best way to get it out here--but for now…this is the plan. I'm pretty excited about how it's coming together. I can't wait until the walls are painted & the frames are up…that'll make the room really feel more mine. {and a lot less messy. I miss seeing my picture frame-less floors.}

Progress pictures to come soon!

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Love the colours! And what a great find that desk was.

    I'm loving some of the Anthropologie House & Home bits. This duvet is soft and pretty but simple at the same time. http://www.anthropologie.com/anthro/product/home-bedding-duvets/26304220.jsp?cm_sp=Grid-_-26304220-_-Large_6

    Can't wait to see some pics of your progress.

    1. LOOOVE that bedding. I may need to hit up Anthro this weekend :)