Friday, January 24, 2014

{five things on friday}

1. See this guy?

That was me trying to catch the bus yesterday morning. 
I went DOWN. 
The entire bus saw it…then drove away. 
{Yeah, I didn't make it.}
It was so painful--in embarrassment, yes...but more actual pain.
My hand & knee are still banged up & sore. 
My pride on the other hand? 
Well, considering I took the bus home 
with half the people who saw the tumble, 
I'd say my pride is still intact.
. . .
2. I started re-reading the Harry Potter series to pass the time during my commute, 
{don't let me fool you--it's just 15 minutes},
& I'm totally loving this decision.
And what do you know…ABC Family is having a HP marathon this week. 
I can always count on them to double dose my fix.
. . .
3. Love that I have two good friends who blog.
Check them out.
They are equally amazing blogs…
& girls.
. . .
4. This is the only corner of my room 
that has seen some progress.

Slowly but surely it's coming together. 
ps. Could my bedding be any more boring? 
And wasn't I totally right when I said I felt like 
Zach Braff à la Garden State
Love that movie, by the way.
. . .
5. Is it bad that I've been counting down the days until tomorrow...
simply because I'm planning on going to Costco?

Happy Weekend!!!

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