Friday, January 17, 2014

{confessional friday}

Hey everyone!

How was your week? Mine was pretty darn good. Hope your's was too.

Let's get to the confessions...

1) I confess that ate a cinnamon bun yesterday for lunch. But I confess that it was okay because A) it was delicious, B) it was warmed up in the microwave {& you can't turn down a warm bun, amiright?}, and C) my boss shared it with me.

2) I confess that my room is a mess right now. Well, it LOOKS like a mess. Only because I have about five million picture frames on my floor waiting to be hung, so it looks much worse than it actually is. Even so, I still find myself shutting my door every time I leave my room--even if I just go to the kitchen or bathroom--because I'd be embarrassed if my roommates snuck a peek inside. But I can't hang anything until my walls are painted, & my walls can't be painted until I pick a color, & I can't pick a color until I get samples, &... long story short, it'll be like this for a while.

3) I confess that I'm counting the days until my next vacation. {Exactly one month, if you want to join the countdown with me.}

4) I confess that I'm LOVING this weather out here in SF. I mean...70 degrees! In Juan-uary!

5) I know I just said Juan-uary. Because I confess that I'm already sucked into this season of The Bachelor. I don't usually watch this show, but my roommates had it on, so I started to pay attention. {Yes, I did just give the "but only because my roommates watch it" excuse.} There's no denying how attractive Juan Pablo is & he seems pretty sweet. But even though Juan Pabs is borderline boring, the girls keep me coming back. I mean, the fact that a girl wrote "Dog Lover" on the line where she was supposed to write her, you know, JOB, is just too good to pass up.

6) I confess that, "Well, if I was a contestant on The Bachelor..." was actually a sentence I started last week.


Someone take away our tv.

That's enough embarrassing anecdotes for one day.

Anyone else have a three day weekend? Hooray! Enjoy it!

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