Thursday, January 23, 2014

{a few photos of my apartment}

I live in a typical San Francisco apartment; it's essentially a townhouse, but each floor is its own apartment. My floor--the top floor--has four bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, & a small living room. There's a laundry room on the bottom level, as well as a small storage space & large patio. I totally scored.

In city bathroom standards, this one is a gem.. The finishes are really beautiful--from the tile, to the marble, to the beadboard, to the claw foot tub. And all in one room! {Lots of SF bathrooms are all broken up.}

The kitchen is what sold me on this place. Living with three other people, it's so nice to have a ton of storage & lots of room to cook. And I--naturally--love the details too. I mean...that sink?! :)

^^so shiny

^^click to make it larger

The pros of living on the top floor is the light. OH, the light. The kitchen is flooded with it. I bask in it every morning while eating breakfast & enjoy the spectacular view.

^^during the day


We have a tiny living room on the other side of the kitchen. We're rarely all in here together, so the size isn't really an issue. It's perfectly cozy. This room has the door to the stairs, which leads down to the patio & laundry room.

you guessed it--those are my newly-painted frames ^^

So that's it! Everything minus the bedrooms. I really lucked out with this place, wouldn't you agree? :)

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