Tuesday, December 31, 2013

{year in review}

2013! What a year it was. Here's a recap of all that happened...

In January I moved to Los Angeles! I spent my final semester taking my last two courses & started my internship at the Dr. Phil Show.

In February I posted a few recipes, sent homemade valentines, put together some Pinterest-inspired outfits, & did my first photoshoot with a real model!

March was a busy month. I flew to San Francisco and met up with my sister and two friends before going down to Newport Beach. It was the perfect girls trip! I also dyed Easter eggs and shared my favorite gluten-free spots in CA.

In April I celebrated Lively Liv's first "official" blogiversary! I also wrote a post about what I missed from home, the Boston bombings, and silkscreened some mugs. At the end of the month, I said goodbye to LA, my DP team, & headed home to spring flowers!

May was a slow blog month, but I introduced OAM Photo + Design, took a quick trip to DC, wrote a final post on LA, & GRADUATED!

Another quiet blogging month, but in June I helped my sister decorate her NYC apartment, became obsessed with watercolor, & took some pictures of our garden.

In July I was crafty :) I transformed a table with wallpaper, painted some t-shirts for a girl's weekend at the beach, & started my armoire makeover.

In August I travelled to Watercolor, Florida for an unforgettable family reunion, where I made an oyster shell mirror & beachy art. I also learned so so much at BlogShop NY, wrote a post on being the Girl Who Doesn't Drink, & celebrated my 22nd birthday!

In September I went out to San Fran for some interviews, posted a few work outfits, & beaded bracelets with my grandma. The end of the month was crazy exciting…I accepted a job offer!

In October I said my Boston goodbyes, moved to SF, & shared my vintage armoire makeover {part I, II, III}. In my new city I ran into Katie Couric, took photos of my temporary neighborhood, had a true San Francisco weekend, & experienced a Craigslist nightmare.

In November, I wrote about my amazing brothers, went on my first work trip to LA, painted faux opaline glass, & spent Thanksgiving in Newport Beach with my grandparents.

In December I barely blogged! But I shared a Thanksgiving recap & recipe, posted a few gift guides, moved into my apartment, & came home for the holidays.

This year was one for the books. I can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for me!
Thanks again to all of you who read Lively Liv :)
Have a wonderful New Year!


  1. Oh my gosh we had so many great girls' trips last year!!! Miss you!! xo

    1. We need to do another trip this year!

      Miss you too! xoxo