Friday, December 20, 2013

{five things on friday}

::dusts off blog::

Hey there!

Sorry about the blog silence. These weeks have been busy! I have lots to update on.

1) I hope you enjoyed the gift guides! I had big plans to do more--like for sisters, brothers, & kids to name a few--but considering I couldn't figure out what to buy my sisters, brothers, and little kid was taking longer than I thought. And speaking of buying presents...anyone else not done? Ahh! I'm a little stressed about it, to be honest. I have's the going out & purchasing part that is not going well for me ;)

2) I moved! Yup, you heard me. I finally found a great place, signed the dotted line, & moved in. And yeah, it's gorgeous. For this interior-design-loving gal, this place is GOLD. Literally.

But my room, you guys! It's looking a little sad. It's just a dresser & a bed. Also, my quilt is the exact same shade of beige as the wall color, so when I'm in bed, I literally feel like the off-white version of this:

So that needs to change soon. 

I'll write more about my grand plans for the room shortly, all of which includes painting, an awesome frame wall, & maybe a hand-built headboard. 

3) I am so in the holiday mode it's not even funny. I can't believe it's five days away!!

4) I'm pretty much loving life here in good ol' San Francisco. That's not to say it's been 100% smooth though. The first two weeks of December were a little rocky. I was floating along, feeling like I'd totally rocked this major life change & then BAM! Homesickness hit. I think moving into my own place made the whole "move across the country" thing set in stone a little more, so I was kind of an emotional mess. There were a few tearful calls home. But that passed :)

My job continues to be the best thing ever. Our holiday party was last Friday, & my company showed a video montage of this year's work. I won't lie--I welled up. Still pinching myself & feeling so, so blessed & grateful to work for such an iconic, talented agency. 

5) I go home tomorrow! I.can't.wait. It's been too long since I've seen my mom, & stepdad, & Madison, & Colton, & dad, & sibs, & DOG. I miss our dog. But you know who I can't wait to see the most?  Yeah, totally hating the fact that it's been 4 months since I've seen Dylan. I mean...way back in September!  We will reunite in NYC on Monday, so if you hear screaming, it's probably us.

I'll do a photo recap of the past few weeks this weekend. Still haven't taken out my camera all that much, but for once? I'm okay with that. 

Until then!

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