Thursday, October 3, 2013

{today's the day!}

I'm moving to San Francisco!


So many emotions are rushing through my head!

Since I was little, I've always said I was going to live in California. & I'm moving there today! What?!

Few things to note...

I'll be living with my uncle for the first few weeks. The idea of starting a job and moving into a new apartment across the country seemed a bit stressful. & sort of impossible to do in two weeks time. He has plenty of room, it's the close to work, & he's family! Win, win, win. I'm so fortunate to have this option.

I'm super antsy to get my hands on my own place, decorate it up, & make it feel like home...but that'll come in do time. I've never stayed in one apartment/dorm/place for longer than a year, so I've always felt the need to rush & settle in as fast as I can. I know I'll be here for at least two years, so I have plenty of time to find a place & work my magic. Obviously I'll document that all here when it happens :)

I'll also have WAY less time to do everything. With Dr. Phil, I worked Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & then had a five day weekend. I never had a class on Friday during my four years of college. I've also had a six month summer of sorts since graduation. This 9am to 6/7/8pm thing is going to be a bit of change for me. Ha! {Can you say understatement?}

Finally, while I'm going through a transition in my "real" life, this blog will echo that.

My job is my job, so I won't be writing anything too detailed about it. I'll write about the transition, more outfits, & other general career posts, but as far as what I'm working on...can't do that. {For the record, the account I'm working on is awesome! Can't wait to start working with my team.}  Since work will be 95% of time, my blog posts may be a bit random for the first few weeks. But stick with me!

So...that's a little update! Next time you hear from me, I'll be posting from CALIFORNIA!


  1. Good luck!! I love you and you'll do fabulously out there. San Francisco is lucky to have you! Plus you're a close flight to Vegas so hopefully we'll be seeing each other soon :)

    1. Aww thank you! We'll see each other soon! xo