Monday, October 21, 2013

{SF restaurants & that night I became friends with Katie Couric in a bathroom}

Okay, so friends may be a strong word. But I'll get to that story in a second.

When my mom & stepdad were in town last week with my aunt & her NEW fiancé (they got engaged on the trip!), I totally weaseled my way into all of their dinner reservations. San Francisco's restaurant scene is not kidding around, guys. Every place we went to was amazing.

First up was Pesce, which is known as "Venice in California." It's a mix between seafood & Italian & everything we ordered was phenomenal. I'm not a big seafood eater, but scallops have always looked so delicious to me for some reason. I thought: if anyone could make a good scallop for me to try, it'd be Pesce. So I tried scallops & I am now a fan.  The interiors were gorgeous, too. I kept staring at the light fixtures. & BONUS! It was really gluten-free friendly.

^^Spruce's entrance, via here.

Next up was Spruce, aka The Restaurant Where I Became Friends With Katie Couric. When I stepped out of the cab, I gasped. The entrance was jaw-dropping. It's tucked away in this quiet, amazing neighborhood of San Francisco, so the sight was a little unexpected. I felt like I was in France. My mom & I arrived a little early, so they offered us a seat in the bakery or bar before dinner. The bakery had coffee & sweets, & is where they make all of the restaurant's desserts, (which made this option super tempting), but we decided on the bar.

The bar was beautiful. It also has the most comfortable bar stools known to man. The service was exquisite & my salad was unreal. When my stepdad & soon-to-be uncle joined us, we moved to our table for dinner & everything continued to be amazing. But then the night got better...

Right after I ordered my meal, I looked across the room & said "I think that's Katie Couric." I LOVE Katie Couric, so I was pretty excited about this spotting. No one at my table was convinced, so I slyly went on her Twitter to if she'd posted anything about SF. {Don't lie, you've all done something like this before.} Nothing. She was in Chicago that afternoon. But if anyone could be in Chicago on a Wednesday afternoon & Spruce in San Francisco at 9:45pm that same day, it'd be Katie Couric, right?

We ended up washing our hands in the bathroom at the same time, so I bit the bullet & said something to her. I've met a lot of celebrities, & tend to leave them be, but this was fate. I told her I was a big fan & loved her show & we ended up having a lovely chat about television production on the way back to our tables. {Oh, yeah. Totally mentioned the fact that I worked for Dr. Phil.} She couldn't have been sweeter or more down to earth. Katie & I totally bonded, guys. When she left, she actually looked around the room & waved goodbye to me. I mean!

I tweeted her later that night & she tweeted me back. Friends? I'd say so.

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