Sunday, October 13, 2013

{one week in}

I've been living & working in San Francisco for a little over a week now! But since I've spent the better part of my month out here, it feels like I've been here longer :)  I've been so busy I haven't even taken out my camera. Hopefully that changes soon. Here are some updates:


I had the best first week. Luckily I didn't start on a crazy busy I-don't-understand-anything-that's-going-on kind of week. My team has been so patient & helpful with explaining everything. My commute is so easy: short walk, short subway ride, & then another short walk. I stroll through such an amazing part of the city; cute coffee shops, stylin' stores, & amazing restaurants are all within walking distance to the office. And walking up to my company's doors? I literally pinch myself. I'm just feeling so fortunate about everything.


I'm pretty much settled in to my room at my uncle's place. The situation as it is now is working totally fine; again, I'm so lucky to have family here. He's not sick of me yet ;) But even so, I've still been spending a few minutes each day looking for apartments & roommates. This city is bustling with people my age, so I don't think it'll take too long to find something. (hopefully.) I'm not stressing about it quite yet. I think I'm almost adjusted to the time change, which is good. And the weather? It's amaze. Sunny & blue skies nearly every day, & officially sweater weather.


Had to add this in there :) Not gonna lie...I was so worried I was going to be homesick & freak out & think oh my god why did I just move across the country to an unfamiliar city where I only know three people?! But guess what? I'm okay! More than okay. I haven't really gotten homesick yet (which for me is huge) & I've never regretted this for a second. Consider myself happily surprised. Don't get me wrong: I definitely miss my family. A LOT. When I think about how far away it is until I see Dylan--which, for the record, is not even planned yet, but will probably be Thanksgiving or later--I lose my breath. And when I think about how my younger brothers will probably grow a foot (each) by the time I see them at Christmas, it makes me want to hop on a plane back to Boston. But that's life. There may be a point down the road where I live & work close to my family, but for now I'm okay. I'm so excited about this phase of my life.


This week will be a good one. My mom & stepdad are coming to town! They had this trip planned way before I up & got a job & moved here, but it's so perfectly timed. I can't wait to see them. I have off tomorrow, too, which is always fun. I think I'm going to hit up Costco at some point & become a member. Hello adulthood?

Have a great Sunday!

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