Wednesday, October 2, 2013

{apples, apples, & more apples}

This weekend's theme seemed to be apples.


I introduced my cousins to apple cider. I literally get addicted every fall; it almost becomes a problem. {Come spring, I literally go through withdrawals.} So when I bought a gallon & made my cousins try some, they flipped their lids. They looked at my aunt like, What the heck, Mom? Where has this been all my life?   I actually think Violet asked that.

She loves apples.

& then I bought a bottle of sparkling apple cider for them...
My aunt isn't too happy with me ;)

We went apple picking on Saturday. 

^^Looks like I bumped up the saturation, but I didn't! Promise! It was that colorful.^^

^^Apples for days...all of them perfect.^^

My mom fed this guy ^^ an apple...& I immediately freaked out! I thought he was going to choke. We went back the next day & he was totally fine though. So...**No llamas were injured in the making of this photo.**

Of course I ended the day with a jar of this good stuff:

Any ideas on what I can make with all these apples? I have a bag full of 'em!

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