Monday, September 23, 2013

{pictures from san francisco}

Like I said last week, I was SO sick the entire time I was in San Francisco. I was inside most of the time, so I barely took out my camera. {In true fashion, I OF COURSE lugged my entire camera bag there; gear & everything!} But during the three hours I toured the city, I was able to prove that I did in fact travel to California...

The weather in SF is so crazy. One neighborhood will be cloudy & overcast, & the next will be sunny & gorgeous. The photos below were taken on Baker Beach, right below the Golden Gate Bridge. Near the bridge it was sunny, but over the coast it looked like it was about to rain! It was wild to be in the center of it. There was literally a line where the weather changed.

Below are all of the photos! I Instagrammed a lot more ;)

Finally...on top of one of the many, many hills...

^^Only skyline picture I got.

Good thing I'm headed back there :)

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