Monday, September 9, 2013

{labor day pictures}

{note: I started this post two weeks ago! I've had to change the tense three times because I keep almost posting/not posting. It's not even that special or important. Ha!}

I went up to Boston for Labor Day. As in two weeks ago. Dylan took the train up from NY and met me, so for the first time since May all the sibs were together! It was a fun weekend. We went bowling, hit up a trampoline place, played Heads Up, & ate a lot of good food. If you've never played Heads it now! It's the best.

It was so weird being back in Boston the same day students started school! I was ON campus but not starting classes. I felt so old! {My little sister starting fourth grade wasn't helping either...ha.}

A few photos from that weekend...

1) All of us.

^^I never post pics of them. You are lucky today. 
{also, what's with that blonde streak in my hair? I don't like it.}

2) Umm...WTF? Look at my shoe compared to my brother's. YOUNGER brother, may I add. By 8 years.

^^My shoes are much cuter than they look here.

3) My BFF is now working for the same company my dad works for. I've never visited him at his office...but finally made the trip there to see her :) It was only a short lunch, but so worth it! I miss that girl lots & lots.

^^She was getting coffee here. I was getting peanut m&ms. 
I have my priorities straight. #semi-unemploymentproblems

4) You know when you're walking down the street & you see a bag or coat or dress you like & say to your sister, "I love that Louis purse" or "OMG that Burberry jacket is amaze." {Just me & Dylan or...?} little brothers do that with Nike sneakers. Sort of the same thing, right?

They can identify every model, material, year it was made, how many were sold...every detail. It's kind of impressive? So I wasn't surprised when I turned on my camera for a photoshoot & found 250 pictures of my brother's kicks.

^^Someone stole my camera. Good thing I love him.

Okay. That's all the photos I have. Happy Monday!

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