Wednesday, September 25, 2013

{diy project: beaded wrap bracelets}

This project is all thanks to my Grandma. Last week in San Francisco, to kill time when I was sick, I took up cross stitching. {I know, I know...} My aunt walked in, took one look at what I was doing, & said, "Dude. You got the Grandma crafting gene." I don't think I've heard a better compliment in my life. ;)

My Grandma is a knitter & a beader. {She's made me promise to get to her beads & yarn before her children do when she dies. Ha!} Her baby blankets are gorgeous, her hats are the warmest, and I always feel happier when I have a G-ma scarf around my neck. She recently started on a jewelry-making spree, & my favorites are these beaded wrap bracelets. I wear one every other day. She swore it was an easy project &, after I made her teach me how to make them, I can vouch for that! They are super easy & fun.

^^You can also add an end silver/gold bead & wrap the wire around that to secure everything too.^^

You can do this with any kind of bead...silver or gold wire...long or short length.  I recently made one with wooded beads & it looks adorable.

I know this isn't the most exciting project, & some of you may be thinking this is so basic, did you really need to break it down into five steps for us? But it's one of those things that's SO forget how easy it really is & never actually do it. You get me? ;) It's also just a fun rainy day activity.

Whenever someone asks me where I got them, it always feels cool to say, "I made it!" :) So...thanks for teaching me Grandma! xo.

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