Friday, September 27, 2013

{busy busy}

Autumn flowers in New England...because I can't post without a picture.

I have six days left before I head out to SF, so I've been squeezing in every last possible thing I can! 

Seeing family,
 visiting friends,
 packing clothes,
 buying clothes,
 shipping furniture.

Saying goodbye!

I went to NYC on Wednesday to get one last haircut & highlight touch-up with my favorite stylist.
{I'm determined to stick with her! That's a good enough excuse to 
come back East every few months, right??}
Priorities, people. ;)

I've even made a last minute trip to Boston this weekend. I'm here now, actually! Seeing my sibs & dad one last time will make leaving a little easier. I can't wait to squeeze the life outta them. 
I have four months of hugs to save up! :)

I can't explain how excited I am to leave. Although it's nerve-wracking, it's just so darn exciting. Stress has not hit me yet. Let's hope it stays away!

I'll be back on Monday with some fall photos.

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