Tuesday, August 6, 2013

{2013 family reunion}

I'm on a little vacation this week! My mom is one of six, & everyone lives in different places across the country. We cover everything: north, south, east, & west; so we decided to pick one spot & all come together for a week. Seaside, FL is the spot. MOST of the family could come, save for a few husbands & cousins who couldn't get out of work {we miss you!} & we've been having just the best time. My uncle has a house here big enough to fit all 20 of us & it's been so fun living under one roof for a while.

We were all laughing yesterday about our family & it's quirks. You see, most families stress over who's making the dinners, who's bringing the alcohol, & who's buying all the food.

My family? We worried over if everyone would finish Gone Girl in time to talk about it. What yoga class we should do together. And who would buy the bananas for s'mores on the beach.

Because we took s'mores to another level.

It was a delicious two hours. We were rained out the first night because this happened: 

But the next night was unreal. 

A few more...

dyl & my mom

pretend the lighting & quality of this photo isn't horrible!

More soon! I've got to get back to my family :)

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