Thursday, July 25, 2013

{oh, hey}

Families are the best, aren't they?  Blame their amazingness for my absence.

This past weekend my mom, stepdad, step-sister, step-brother, twin sis, & I all met up at the beach. My step-brother left for Buenos Aires for 6 months yesterday {!!!} & we wanted to spend one last weekend as a family.

I love this bunch of people.

Our dog Cooper was there too, but when you're too busy searching for seagulls than posing for the camera, you get cropped out.

And now, I'm up in Boston visiting my dad & his crew. I can't wait to kiss & hug their brains out. I missed them so much! I haven't seen them since my graduation back in May, & I have some catching up to do. Like a birthday I've got to celebrate with my little sis since I missed it back in June, and because, duh, 9 is totally the new 10. Haven't you heard?

Should be a fun weekend.

I'm working on four side projects that are keeping me busy, so I'm sorry for the radio silence. I'll be back to regularly scheduled blog programing by next week.

ps. There's a new post over at OAM Photo + Design. Exciting stuff!

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