Monday, July 1, 2013

{diy project: how to transform a boring table}

How to Wallpaper a Boring Table

In our office at home {that would be my mom's office...not mine...} we have this boring IKEA table. It's at least 10 years old, still in pristine condition, but this ugly orangey wood color. With the rest of the house looking fabulous, this was a constant eye sore for me. Even though I barely go in the office. Ha. Someday down the road, it'll be replaced by a beautiful new desk, but in the meantime, we needed to make it look better.

Ever heard of them? No? Well I can bet you're gonna be looking at them & ordering some paper within ten minutes of you finishing reading this post. 

Chasing Paper sells removeable wallpaper. It can be used on tables, walls, backsplashes, & frames.

We fell in love with ALL of the patterns, obviously, but for this table...we thought Sunburst {white} would be the best fit. Oh, it was.

All you need is 
  • Paper
  • A ruler {not only to measure the paper, but also to use as a smoothing tool}
  • A straight edge
  • A boxcutter or exact-o-knife
  • Spray paint {but only if you paint the edges like we did}
Here's how we did it:

How AMAZE!!  I'm kind of in love with it?

We also did the same thing to this $40 vintage lamp table my mom found at a flea market. {Philly peeps: the Brooklyn Flea Market comes to Northern Liberties every Sunday this summer. Let's meet there next Sunday, yes?} We need to re-wire the lamp, but in the meantime, it works as a desk just fine.

I'll be honest: it was hard. & you will DEFINITELY have air pockets in the end. {Unless you're a wallpaper guru, which I am not.}  To get rid of them, poke a hole with a needle or the end of the knife, & press the air out. But from far away, you can't tell.

Also, this is for SURE a two person job. One person lays down the paper/matches corners, the other holds the paper.

I can't imagine trying to wallpaper an entire room with this paper. I'd probably go crazy. {& that's not Chasing Paper's fault. It's mine.} Maybe if I get more practice it'll be less daunting. I have one more table to do. I just need to decide on what pattern!

My other favorites on the site are the Lattice, Circle & Pop, & Vintage House Dog

Happy Monday!

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