Tuesday, July 2, 2013

{bits + pieces of life lately}

Before I start, this made me laugh. I opened up my "drafts" folder to see what blog posts I've started but haven't finished yet. I found this EXACTLY how it is:


The past few weeks have been a tad busy. I've gone to NYC about 5 times for interviews, meetings, & auditions, {I'll explain that one in due time...but can you say nerve-wracking?!} & seeing Dylan. Here was my audition outfit:

Then I got my DIY on & sanded, prepped, & primed a bunch of vintage furniture. Those posts are coming soon.

That's the furniture.

I came down to the beach last Thursday since I've been a little sick. I'm over this under the weather stuff, people! This week Dylan's friends are coming in for a girl's weekend at the beach, & I hope I start to feel better.

Lots of this goin' on:

Also, a few things to note...

My laptop has been so.freaking.slow. lately, & I was over it. One of my graduation gifts was a Mac desktop {!!!}, but until I get it later this year {when the new ones come out}, I needed to do something about my ram. Like, upgrade it. So...I ordered 8GB of ram from Crucial & installed it. It's so fast now! But as much as I'm happy about the result, this part of the process was scary as $%@#.

Also: if you have teak furniture, scrub it down & re-oil it. It makes a difference! We've had our deck furniture at the beach for about four years & it needed to be done. Check it out:

We have 11 pieces of teak furniture. My mom is a rock star.


The Heat was so funny my abs still hurt.

DIY folks: Looking for Me by Beth Hoffman is a lovely novel. I couldn't put it down. Great characters, compelling story, & a dose of design to boot. What's not to love?!

My friend Kate reminded me to update this Wishful Wednesday post. Dunkin Donuts is coming out with gluten-free donuts! In a safe, delicious, non-cross-contaminating way! Hurray!

And lastly, Google Reader shut down yesterday. {insert annoyed face here.} So follow me on BlogLovin!

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